The computer through the use of software and the internet plays an essential part in scientific life. Nowadays most programs and websites are changing rapidly. At the same time, many biochemists have difficulty in dealing with some programs. Hence, the idea of creating this site emerged to keep updated of recent developments that occur in computer technology. It enhances the skills of reading, memory and logical thinking and this will help biochemists understand concept, ideas and relationship in many scientific fields, organize data, and save lab work time. it will also provide a wide range of information in the area of specialization to facilitate the study of biochemistry for academicians and students, and to help them to become more productive and efficient.

Our goal in this site is to provide useful information in the biochemistry based on computer science for helping academicians and students. If you have any suggestions, ideas, and comments to increase productivity of this website, please do not hesitate to contact us by this email: webmaster@biochemcs.com.

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Educational Apps into Smartphone for Students and Teachers. more

The essay entitled "The Most Useful Applications for Students" is written by Lucy Adams especially for this website. more

Our vision and mission in this site is how to use the computer technology to support biochemistry field with information, programs, and collection of internet resources for helping all academicians and students in the world to pursue scientific development in the area of specialization.

The site is created by W. Alghazzawi,
Biochemistry department, KAU.


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